US Citizen Arrested for Cartoon Pornography in Canada

by Admin on October 16, 2015

A US citizen has had a shock arrest in Canada, after a search of his computer at Halifax Stanfield International Airport revealed he possessed images of cartoon characters such as Dora the Explorer and Bart Simpson engaged in sexual acts.

There is nothing illegal about sexualized images of cartoon characters in the US, but in Canada it is considered child pornography.

Image Credit: Sarah_Ackerman (Flickr)
Dora the Explorer. Image Credit: Sarah_Ackerman (Flickr)

As The Chronicle Herald reports, Peter Hasler, 25 of South Carolina was arrested following a laptop inspection that showed he had images of cartoon characters under the age of 18 being sexually abused.

Last week he pleaded guilty to a Customs Act charge of smuggling prohibited goods. Although sentenced to a 90 day prison sentence, the Judge granted a recommendation from defense lawyers and gave Hasler a remand credit of 38 days, meaning he only has 52 days behind bars.

Legal blogger Jonathan Turley said on the matter:

“I do not question the description of the images of the prosecutor and judge as being “vile” and “disturbing.” However, there remains a serious question of whether computer generated images or cartoon images should be deemed child pornography when they do not depict any actual human being, let alone an actual child.”

Read the original story here.

Editorial note: Cartoon pornography is actually very common in Japan, often seen in anime.

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James September 30, 2016 at 23:37

Canada is a freaking joke. IT’S A FREAKING CARTOON. Has freedom of speech and expression been thrown down the toilet Canada?

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