Utah Finally Legalizes Sex Outside of Marriage

by Admin on March 29, 2019

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After 46 years, Utah has finally decriminalized sex outside of marriage.

The bill that legalizes sex out of wedlock was signed into law by Republican Gov. Gary Herbert.

In 1973, conservative politicians in Utah passed legislation that made fornication a misdemeanor.

Despite both a Democrat and Republican co-sponsoring the bill, Utah’s state legislature only passed the fornication change with less than a 10 vote margin in the House.

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The Utah state legislature’s bent towards social conservatism is largely due to the fact that the state has the largest Mormon population in the US, which has resulted in 9 out of 10 lawmakers in Utah being part of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Earlier this year, Utah’s legislators also voted to strike down prohibitions on sodomy and adultery.

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