Valentine’s Day News Roundup: Thai Kissing Record, Not Your Average Prenups, and More

by Admin on February 15, 2013

Thai couple sets “longest-kiss” record

Would it surprise you to find out that Pattaya held a kissing competition Thursday to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Thailand’s beachfront town held a “longest continuous kiss” competition in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record.

And that they did.

Bangkok residents Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat held a lip lock for almost 60 hours, winning 100,000 baht and two diamond rings. The contestants were not allowed to sit or rest during the competition, which means yes, they were required to go to the bathroom lip-locked.

The couple also won in 2011. Congratulations to them, again. Now go get something to eat.

Not your average prenup

Prenuptial agreements in themselves are a bit odd – you’re basically planning for the demise of your marriage. But some couples are taking their prenuptial agreements to another level. Take these strange clauses some couples are inserting in their prenups:

WABC-TV in New York reported on a couple who included weight limits in their prenup. If Toni and Greg Sullivan get divorced and Toni’s weight is over a certain limit, Gregg gets an extra $10,000. The same rule applies to him.

When seeking asset protection in Thailand or anywhere else, the would-be candidate will find that a Thailand prenuptial agreement has definite advantages.

The conditions are called “lifestyle clauses,” and apparently are more common then you think. Unfortunately, we’re having a hard time seeing the benefit in one of the Sullivans’ clause, where Toni is allowed to sleep with whom she pleases if Gregg goes over his weight limit. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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The friskier, the pickier

Sorry guys, the stars are not in your favor if you’re single this Valentine’s Day weekend. A new study shows that the friskier women are, meaning the more they want sex, the higher they raise their standards when looking for mates.

Conversely, the more men want sex, the lower their standards become.

Psychologists from Bar Ilan Univeristy in Israel studied almost 80 men and women in the research, which focused on standards for short-term relationships (read: one-night stands). The findings supported the researchers’ hypothesis that men, who generally contribute less to child-rearing, are therefore less selective.

Similarly from an evolutionary perspective, women would become more selective because they’re instinctively hoping potential offspring would have better genes.

Fear not, attractive men. Everyone else, best of luck.

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Simon Youens February 21, 2013 at 02:27

thumbs up for couples Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat for winning the lip lock contest two in a row, for almost three days, their lips are lock together, whew what a tough job not resting, i wonder if one or both of them have fallen asleep during the competition, are there videos?

The prenup clauses on the other hand is funny and cute but i dont think its something that would make a disastrous married life. I guess it makes the marriage more healthy and exciting by always following their rules, and sometimes, i guess one, or both of them will cheat with their own set rules, it will only be complicated if one of the parties really didn’t comply and doesn’t even feel regret by doing so, that, i can say is a disaster.

women becomes frieskier, AGREE! ladies have a biological clock so it makes sense that they become picky especially those who are almost at the finish line :D. Still not mrried and have no boyfriend at 30 and up? it doesn’t matter, but a child would do, with today’s generation where woman strive more for success and are more career oriented, on my own observation these types of ladies dont need a man beside them, i guess more women see men as “unnecessary” more than a “necessity”, as for the kid, well with their “Success” mode, surely they can give the kid a good life.

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