Visa Runs Banned in Thailand

by Admin on July 21, 2014

Thailand’s Immigration Bureau will begin enforcing border control laws in full, denying entry to foreigners on out/in visa runs, beginning August 13.

The start of the crackdown began in May when the Bureau first announced in a statement on its website that land border checkpoints would stop allowing foreigners to exit and immediately reenter the Kingdom—otherwise known as a visa run.

The Immigration Bureau website said: “Leniency will be granted until 12 August, but only for passengers arriving by air. Foreigners who come to Thailand must seek a proper visa in line with the purpose of their intended stay here.”

Several Thai Embassies worldwide have posted website announcements advising travelers of the new restrictions which will extend the ban on visa runs to all modes of transport: air, land, and sea.

In an interview with The Phuket News, Lt Gen Pharnu Kerdlarpphon said, “Lots of nationalities come to Thailand on tourist visas but they come to work. I really want them to do the right thing, not try to dodge around the law and evade taxes.”

According to Thailand employment law, foreigners working in Thailand must possess a valid work permit and business visa (or other long term visa or resident permit) to be authorized to work in Thailand.

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