Were Thailand’s Floods Caused by Weather Warfare?

by Admin on October 30, 2015

An American climate scientist has spoken out about how he was approached by the CIA for advice on whether artificial weather manipulation would be traceable.

According to The Independent, “weaponizing the weather” may actually be a commonplace thing, with governments, and in this case, the US government attempting to achieve increasing levels of global control.

Professor Alan Robock has revealed how three years ago, two men claiming to be from the CIA had contacted him to ask whether experts would be able to tell if the weather had been manipulated by hostile forces.

He admits to being “scared” by the CIA approach.

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Consider this below extract taken from this article:

“Forms of geo-engineering could be used to offset the effects of global warming, using methods including scattering sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere to re-direct sunlight back into space; seeding the oceans with iron to encourage the spread of carbon-hungry algae; and creating reflective areas on the Earth’s surface.

“The long-term effects of such strategies are largely unknown however, and many experts have expressed fears that these techniques would carry a great risk.”

Editors notes:

In the past we have heard about Operation Popeye, which was a highly classified, chemical weather modification scheme that ran during the Vietnam war. It extended the monsoon season in ways that supported the US government efforts. It’s possible we have been naive to assume that this was something only used in time of actual war.

In addition to Robock’s story, there is also this article that infers that geo-engineering has played a part in a number of ecological disasters, for example, Slovenia’s unprecedented ice storm in 2014.

The article also makes reference to Thailand’s 2011 floods which caused chaos and devastation in the kingdom. It suggests that it was no coincidence that this took place so soon after Thailand refused an airbase for the US.

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