What Are The Laws in Thailand Regarding Sex With Animals?

by Admin on September 29, 2015

Ok, we took the bait…

Last week we wrote how UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of putting his private parts into a dead pigs mouth. But while the PM has been subject to ridicule, what are the actual legal repercussions of such an accusation?

Image Credit: Nick Saltmarsh (Flickr)
Oink oink. Image Credit: Nick Saltmarsh (Flickr)

As the Independent kindly clarifies, it is not actually illegal to have oral sex with a dead pig.

Cameron would only be accused of an offense if the animal was living, and it he had penetrated the vagina or anus.

Sexual activity with an animal is covered by Section 69 (yes, really) of the UK’s Sexual Offenses Act 2003.

(2)A person (A) commits an offense if—
(a)A intentionally causes, or allows, A’s vagina or anus to be penetrated,
(b)the penetration is by the penis of a living animal, and
(c)A knows that, or is reckless as to whether, that is what A is being penetrated by.

However, if someone possesses a photo of oral sex with an animal, then this could be illegal, BUT only if the image is “extreme and pornographic,” and for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Given that Cameron supposedly committed the act as a university prank, it is arguably unlikely to be any of the above, and more likely to be merely what the British like to call “banter.”

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So, how would Thailand respond in the same situation?

The Thai Penal Code states:

Section 381 Whoever, cruelly ill-treats or kills an animal with unnecessary sufferings, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one month or fined not exceeding one thousand Baht, or both.

Under Thailand’s Animal Welfare Act, which was new in 2014 and considered a landmark move, those who have sex with animals will face a year in prison and a fine of up to Bt20,000.

However, as with UK law, there is nothing we can find to suggest that putting ones genitals in a dead pig’s mouth will get you into legal trouble in Thailand. It will however make you the butt of jokes, the subject of the best puns the internet has to offer, and with a generally unfavorable reputation.

Safe to say it’s frowned upon – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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