Woman Crushed to Death by Poorly Maintained Elevator in Sukhumvit Condo

by Admin on February 17, 2014


A woman in her 60’s was crushed to death by an elevator in a Sukhumvit condo this weekend reported the Daily News. The woman was with her granddaughter at the time of the accident. After being stuck in the elevator, the women had pried the door open, and while attempting to crawl out of the elevator, the elevator began to move again. Residents of the unnamed, Sukhumvit condo reported that the elevator was often stuck leaving some to question its safety and maintenance records.

One can only imagine the horror inflicted not only on the victims of this tragic accident but in particular of the grand daughter who had to endure witnessing the horrific death of her grandmother alone, in a confined space. The major damage inflicted on the granddaughter in addition to the loss of her grandmother, is is likely to be psychological trauma.

According  to Thailand Personal Injury Attorney at Chaninat & Leeds Jiraporn Thongpong, Thailand Courts provide compensation for pain and suffering and this may include any psychological trauma. However Court judgements in Thailand do not normally reach the extremely high financial award levels seen in United  States personal injury cases.

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