Woman Detained Carrying Husband’s Internal Organs in Austrian Airport

by Admin on September 28, 2016

Woman carrying two containers of husband’s entrails through the airport gets stopped at customsaustria_vienna_airport_2011-09-15_2

According to a news report by Independent, a Moroccan woman was stopped at an Austrian airport for carrying two containers of internal organs which supposedly belonged to her deceased husband.

The Moroccan national told officials that she believed her husband had been poisoned. He had died while being operated in Morocco. The wife, suspecting foul play, had brought the entrails to Austria in the hopes of having them re-examined.

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A doctor had been brought to the scene but a proper investigation could not be carried out due to the lack of a full cadaver.

Austrian police are not investigating the matter because the woman had not broken any laws.  The entrails are said to be stored for further examination.

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Image Credit:  Milan Suvajac on Wikimedia Commons 

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