Woman Must Destroy Frozen Embryo’s, Court Rules

by Admin on November 26, 2015

A Californian Court has ruled that a woman must abide by an agreement with her ex-husband to destroy five frozen embryos if they divorce.

As ABC reports, the court’s decision overrides Mimi Lee, who suffers from cancer, and argued that her condition made it harder for her to conceive, and was therefore her last chance to have a genetic child.

The woman’s ex-husband, Stephen Findley, wanted the embryos destroyed in the event of a divorce, as he believed she may use any children to take financial advantage of him.

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Lawyers representing Lee say that no California court had previously ruled such a case.

Three years ago a similar case in Pennsylvania three years ago saw the court side with the woman who argued the frozen embryos were her only chance for a child due to her breast cancer treatment. This was despite the objections of her husband.

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