Women Now Make Majority of U.S Law Students

by Admin on December 21, 2016

2016 makes history for women lawyers


For the first time, women now make the majority of law students across universities in the U.S reports NY Times.

Although the admission of women into law schools has been almost equal to that of men in the recent years, this is the first time women have crossed over 50% of admissions according to data released by the American Bar Association.

“Currently, 55,766 women nationwide are studying for a juris doctor degree, compared with 55,059 men, according to the bar association. First-year students are more than 51 percent women, or 19,032, and 48.6 percent men, or 18,058,” reports NY Times.

Barry Currier, managing director for accreditation and legal education at the A.B.A.’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar said, “There are more women than men based on data we have. It is a snapshot in time, and the numbers can be updated by the schools. But it is not likely to be large numbers.”

Law school enrollments have diminished over the years dropping by almost 30% in 2010. Some law schools have found that reaching out to women have resulted in more qualified applicants.

A 2016 commission on the advancement of women in A.B.A showed a marked disparity between active A.B.A members, women only accounting for 32%.

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Elissa Lock December 21, 2016 at 15:32

This is awesome! My friend is a lawyer and she is great at her job. Better than some men I think but then again I may be biased :D. She is actually a Thai based lawyer specializing in international prenuptial law

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