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Declaration of the Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy
(Abridged English Language Translation)

At almost 11:00pm on 19 September 2006 at the National Television Station of Thailand, the Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy issues a declaration.

The Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy, headed by the Commander General of the Army, Sonti Boonyarartkalin, and the Commander of the Police have seized control of Bangkok and the surrounding area without resistance in order to keep peace in the state.  The current administration has created conflict and division in the nation that will only lead to more violence.  More and more people suspect the administration of dishonesty.  The government regulatory bodies are no longer able to work according to the constitution.  The current administration has committed lese majesty several times.  A section of society has tried to comprise with the administration but has been unable to change the current situation.

The Council of Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy finds it necessary to hold power so that the country will not be without a government, but will return power to the people as soon as possible.  At this time it is necessary to promulgate martial law and to raise an emergency declaration in Bangkok and the surrounding area.  For the continuing peace of the country, the Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy declares:

  • The 1997 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand is dissolved.
  • The Senate, House, Cabinet and Constitution Court are dissolved with the Constitution.
  • The Privy Counselors will remain in their positions and continue to carry out their duties.
  • Courts other than the Constitution Court have the authority to try cases according to the law and the declarations of the Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy.
  • The Council of Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy has the authority to act as the Prime Minister or to vest the authority in an individual to act as Prime Minister.
  • The Reformation Government Party will be the United Nations Representative and reserves the right to observe the commitment of treaties and international agreements.
NOTE: Martial Law was lifted in Bangkok and over 40 of Thailand's 76
provinces on 28 November 2006.



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