Rabbi Enforcing Jewish Divorce Order Arrested by FBI

by Thailand Lawyer on August 1, 2011

On Monday a prominent Lakewood, New Jersey rabbi and his wife surrendered to the FBI over claims that they masterminded and executed the kidnapping of Yisrael Briskman, a citizen of Israel, in October 2010.

The couple has now been released on $500,000 bail, after being arrested for allegedly luring Briskman to their home where they then tied him up, beat him, and forced him into a body bag while threatening to kill him if he didn’t agree to a divorce.

The case evidently originated in Israel, where Briskman apparently refused to grant his wife a divorce through a document called a “get”, or an Orthodox Jewish divorce document. The “get” would permit his wife to remarry.  The dispute is documented in Rabbinical Court papers.

In 2008, the High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem issued a ruling against Briskman, and forbid international community members to do business with him, permit him to study in a Jewish seminary, or provide him with a place to stay.

Briskman then fled Israel, and at some point in time ended up in America. He was lured to the home of Mr. Wax last October under the pretense that he would be discussing a new book about the Talmud, a Jewish text, that Mr. Wax was purportedly then working on. Authorities have not released information on the connection between Mr. Briskman’s wife, who is still living in Israel, and Mr. Wax and his wife.

Even in secular marriage it is actually fairly normal that one spouse urgently needs a divorce to re-marry.  Sometimes the new love interest is the greatest proponent of the divorce, in some situations even going so far as to be the financer of the divorce. As Thailand divorce lawyers, we have observed that the situation is complicated further in that if the spouses do not voluntarily consent to a divorce, formal grounds or reasons for the divorce must be established.  There is no “no fault divorce” in the courts of Thailand.  This means that an spouse suing for divorce msut state some type of misconduct or, at minimum, have  a long period of separation.

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