Thailand and Taiwan LGBTQ Law Changes

by Admin on May 23, 2023

Taiwan is a pioneering country in Asia for the LGBTQ rights movement.  Previously same-sex couples in Taiwan were unable to adopt children. In 2019, Taiwan passed legislation that supports marriage equality. As reported by PinkNews, on May 17, 2023, the Taiwan legislature passed an amendment that now grants adoption rights to same-sex couples.

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Current Thailand family law does not allow LGBTQ+ and transgender persons to marry. In 2014, a civil partnership bill was proposed and supported by the joint government at the time but was halted. However, the country is planning to revise its existing marriage laws to permit same-sex couples to marry legally.

In 2015 the Gender Equality Act in Thailand was enacted into law. The Gender Equality Act criminalizes discrimination based on gender, including those against someone with a “sexual expression different from that person’s original sex”.


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