Father Kills Himself and Son Prior to Custody Hearing

by Admin on May 25, 2023

As any divorce attorney can explain, child custody issues are very emotionally volatile, which can lead to violence in some circumstances.  One startling example of violence arising from a custody battle occurred on May 18, 2023, a 49-year-old father, Parth Gandhi murdered his teenage son, Om Gandhi, aged 16, in Salt Lake City before he killed himself. Following a divorce registration with the mother of his child, Leah Moses, more than ten years ago, the Utah state court granted the father, Parth Gandhi, full parental rights regarding Om’s education and decisions about medical expenses under a temporary order in February 2022. Parth’s suicide and his son’s murder happened weeks before a court review of Parth’s ability to continue looking after Om was due.

According to our child custody lawyer in Thailand, Suthida Thongkwan, custody cases in Thailand often become very heated. Violence can occur. More often, however, there are attempts by one parent to gain physical custody of the child, prior to a court decision, and deprive the other parent of their custody rights. Parents sometimes flee the jurisdiction to deprive the other parent of their child custody rights.

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