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Asialaw India Summit
6 September 2007, The Oberoi, New Delhi and Asialaw China Summit 25 September 2007, Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai. Organized by the Asialaw Events

Complete Accounting for Businesses Workshop(Thai language) Summit 14-15 & 21-22 September 2007, Ambussader Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Dharmniti
Corporate Finance Law Thailand 2007 Conference. 20-21 September 2007, Grand Sukhumvit. Organized by the Asia Business Forum
Hotel and Condominium Tax Planning Siminars (Thai language) Summit 21 & 29 September 2007, Grand Marque Fortune Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Dharmniti
Tax Accounting Siminars (Thai language) Summit
22 September 2007, Intra Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Dharmniti
Contract Risk Management Conference. 24-25 September 2007, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Asia Business Forum
Investment Feasibility Analysis Workshop (Thai language) Summit 25 September 2007, Grand Marque Forture, Bangkok. Organized by the Dharmniti
Thai Insurance Industry 2007. 25-26 October 2007, InterContinental Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Asia Business Forum
Project Finance Thailand 2007. 1-2 November 2007, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok. Organized by the Asia Business Forum

The draft charter was approved with the Election Commission reporting that 58.23% of voters supported the draft constitution and 41.77% of voters rejected when 95% of the ballots had been accounted for.  Over 60% of voters in the northeast rejected the charter and nearly 46% of the voters in northern provinces rejected the charter.  The highest percentage of approval votes were lodged in the South (more than 87%) and Bangkok and the Central Region (more than 65%).     The Election Commission chairman reportedly estimated a voter turn out of less than 60% of eligible voters.

Does Thailand Want Foreign Investment?

One of the reasons why Thailand has been so successful in attracting foreign investment over the years in my opinion is that its framework regulating foreign investment has been more open than that of its neighbors’ specifically in comparison to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. When I say ‘open’ here I mean that foreigners were generally allowed to invest in more sectors in Thailand than they were allowed in the above mentioned countries. This situation has subjected Thailand’s local businesses to a lot of foreign competition, but... Read Michael Doyle's Full Opinion and Analysis of the impact the FBA amendments would have on foreign investment in Thailand.


TLF NEWS 9 Jan Amendments to Foreign Business Act Passed by Cabinet
TLF NEWS 20 Dec 06 BOT Relaxes Reserve Requirement
TLF NEWS 18 Dec 06 BOT Issues Reserve Requirement


Bank of Thailand Relaxes Reserve Requirement
Read about transactions exempt from the Reserve Requirement in the BOT translations of the 18 December 2006 Notice of the Competent Officer and the 29 January 2006 Notice of the Competent Officer.
  Current Rules and Practices Regarding the Reserve Requirement
18 December 2006 Rules and Practice Regarding the Reserve Requirement
TLF NEWS 2 March 07 BOT Further Relaxes Reserve Requirement
TLF NEWS 20 Dec 06 BOT Relaxes Reserve Requirement
TLF NEWS 18 Dec 06 BOT Issues Reserve Requirement

  Thailand Law Forum: Feature Article  

Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)- Regulations and Procedures

Roberto Bergami considers the implications of the 2005 Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement on bilateral trade.
  Thailand Law Forum: Feature Article  

Burmese Workers in a State of Forced Labor Within and Without Burma

  Jason Douglas Hoge analyzes the deprivation of Burmese workers rights to freedom of assembly and collective bargaining under Burmese and Thai Law.  

Rolex A.S. Company v. Nuntana Pitsaithakorn

Although the defendant wishes to produce and sell a watch under the name “Solex”, there is no evidence that customers will confuse this brand with “Rolex” as they know that “Solex” is a trade-mark of a key company. Therefore the defendant can register a trademark under the name Solex ”without being in violation of any laws.
Porntip v. Panomprai Katesa

The plaintiff has the right to file for divorce as her husband's behavior provides grounds for divorce.

Castle Ridge v. Department of Intellectual Property

"Choanpoy" and "Peepe" are the names of Chinese herbs which can be used to remedy coughs and abate phlegm. These two words were combined with the word, "Kor" which means cough for the name of the trademark, "Choanpoypeepekor". Because the name of this trademark is only the name of the herbs and the word cough with no modification, it is illegal. Therefore the trademark registration is revoked.


Krungthai Bank Co. vs. Argsuk Kasaitsin

The court passed a judgment requiring the defendants to repay a debt in a stipulated amount of time. In Oct 2003 the plaintiff asked the Execution Department to seize the defendants' property however the plaintiff no longer has the right to enforce the judgment as the judgment is more than 10 years old.


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