Eight Sex Traffickers amongst 983 Foreigners Penalized for Overstay

by Admin on November 26, 2017

Pattaya Mail accounts for a three day (Nov 13-16) immigration raid in Eastern and Central Thailand. The immigration raid cracked down on 983 foreigners who had overstayed their visas.

Foreigners on Visas face legal consequences if overstaying visas including a fine, deportation and landing on Thailand’s immigration blacklist.

Local to Pattaya were eight Chinese sex traffickers guilty on prostitution charges, 42 foreigners who were arrested for overstaying visas and 161 who surrendered to face fines.

The eastern region had arrested 72 foreigners for overstay and up to 911 submitting themselves for investigation. Those who surrender are still banned from re-entering Thailand. An overstay of one year accounts for a ban of one year, three years is a three year ban and anything over five years results in a 10 year ban.

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