Airport Biometrics Responsible for Catching 45,000 Overstayers in Thailand

by Admin on October 29, 2019

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Recently implemented biometrics at 16 airports across Thailand has been responsible for nabbing 45,000 people who have overstayed their visas.

On top of that, the biometrics system at airport immigration has always helped catch 1,000 people who have been blacklisted from Thailand, as well as another 700 who have outstanding arrest warrants.

In just its first three days of use earlier this year, the biometrics was able to identify 8,000 individuals who were in violation of Thai immigration laws.

The state-of-the-art system is also able to spot fake passports using UV and infrared light that can compare data on a passport chip to facial features.

The biometrics systems in Thai airports use fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and other physiological scans to spot discrepancies at immigration checkpoints.

The system has been hailed as a great success so far by Thai authorities across several agencies, including the immigration and tourism ministry as well as police.

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