Amnesty International Suggests Decriminalizing Prostitution

by Admin on January 29, 2014

Amnesty International has called for prostitution to be decriminalized in order to protect human rights under a paper they have written called Decriminalization of Sex Work: Policy Background Document.

The paper explains that prostitutes, pimps and men who buy sex are simply ‘exercising their autonomy’ and should be allowed to do so ‘free from government interference’.

Whilst some have supported the stance adopted by Amnesty, believing the industry being legalized will provide safer protection for women, and even help with the fight of eradicating human trafficking, others disagree and believe the paper to be a disgrace and that it betrays women’s rights.

Thailand is of course renowned for proposition with many deeming Bangkok to be the sex capital of the world. Ironically despite such a title, prostitution is in fact illegal under Thailand Criminal Law  . Section 286 of the Act states that any found to be living on earnings of a prostitute can be punished between 7-20 years imprisonment or a fine of 14-40,000 THB (425-1215 USD or 256-732 GBP as at January 2014 conversion rates).

The proposal will be discussed by Amnesty International members around the world, including Thai  branches of the organization, and a vote is expected at the AGM in April.

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