Fake Lawyer On The Run

by Admin on January 30, 2014

Thailand is unfortunately rife with fraud and tricksters.  Con men are unfortunately notorious in Southeast Asia and Thailand.

Brian Goudie, from Scotland, set himself up as a lawyer specializing in defending pedophiles in Pattaya after allegedly cheating a client out of £180,000 reports The Daily Record.

He failed to show in Court yesterday over claims he conned money out of a mother to defend her son who had been charged with child sex offences.

Goudie claimed to be a former Marine with a law degree from Edinburgh University. However there is no record of anyone with that name graduating from the university and in Pattaya his law firm was based in the Jaggy Thistle pub.

There are sadly a number of foreign con men impersonating lawyers, some with impressive websites and fancy names. Please always ensure you consult a licensed Thailand attorney.

Under Thailand fraud/criminal law a person impersonating lawyers is contrary to Section 341 through 344 of the Thailand Penal Code, which covers theft by deception.  Penalties for each count range from 3 years to 7 years in Thailand prison.

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