Foreign Investigators: Crime Fiction in Thai Settings

by Admin on February 3, 2014

The  dramatic life adventures of rogue detectives working on an investigative case in exotic Thailand is just that…fictional.  Nevertheless, “Bangkok Noir” a term used to describe this genre of fiction, and the title of a shorty story compilation by Christopher Moore.  is a steady favorite in books and movies.  The most recent movie displaying many of the themes of Bangkok Crime fictions was  “Only God Forgives” directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

One of the earlier characters in Bangkok Noir fiction is found in the Will Berthhold’s,City of Angels,  according to the Thailawforum’s article, Foreign Investigators: Crime Fiction in a Thai Setting. In this article, author Schmid, explains that popular crime novels or movies that feature lone, foreign detective’s crime fighting in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand could happen in real life, but is highly unlikely, because of Thailand’s customs and  laws.

In Thailand, foreigners pursuing a career as a Thai investigator  would likely have to work in a firm or Thai law office  that is sponsored in part by Thai nationals. According to Thai labor laws, companies that want to do business in Thailand generally require a Thailand sponsorship. The scenario of a foreign attorney “actively arguing case in Thai court is also, unlikely,” writes Schmid, as foreigners who wish to obtain a permit to be a Thai attorney are normally required to pass a difficult government permit process.

Overall, a lone foreign investigator working in Thailand may be the stuff of crime novels, but there are real life foreign investigators and lawyers in Thailand and some have exciting adventures at times.

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