Australian Artist Banned from the US, Starts Petition

by Admin on March 21, 2013

An Australian electronic music producer, banned from the United States for ten years for not having a work visa, has posted a video petitioning for help that went viral. Nick Bertke, who’s stage name is Pogo, spent three weeks in jail in 2011 for the crime. Bertke was unaware that he didn’t have the proper documentation to work and tour in the US, and was using a visa waiver. Working without authorization in the US can lead to exclusion; in Bertke’s case it’s a ten-year ban.

While his video’s gone viral — and he’s petitioning for signatures to be allowed back in — his error here was obvious. Bertke said his promoters didn’t advise him on the appropriate documentation. But the Aussie was making thousands touring with his group, and making revenue in a foreign country without a visa is an obvious mistake.

Good luck, Bertke.

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