Gun Control in the News: Feinstein’s Firearms Ban Fails, Colorado Gun Legislation Becomes Law

by Admin on March 21, 2013

Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban Dies

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s ban on assault weapons has failed to make it to the floor of the Senate for a vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dropped her ban from a bundle of gun violence prevention measures the Senate is putting together. Reid had stated that he knew Feinstein’s ban wasn’t likely to pass, and refused to include measures he knew wouldn’t succeed.

Feinstein says she won’t give up, however.

“This is very important to me,” Feinstein told reporters. “And I’m not going to lay down and play dead. I think the American people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation. It’s aimed to protect children, to protect schools and malls. It’s aimed to dry up the supply of these over time. And it came out on a 10-8 vote of the Judiciary Committee. Not to give me a vote on this would be a major betrayal of trust, as I would see it.”

Colorado Governor Signs Gun Legislation into Law

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a slew of gun control measures into law Wednesday, making Colorado the first Western state to enact strict gun control legislation. Among the laws, ammunition magazines holding more than 15 rounds are banned and background checks are now required for firearm purchases made online or through private parties.

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One provision in the bills states that anyone “who legally owns a high-capacity magazine purchased prior to July 1 can maintain ownership without being in violation of the new state laws.” The legislation also bans magazines “which hold fewer rounds, but are ‘designed to be readily converted’ to hold more.”

The laws, which take effect July 1, have been met with criticism in a state that has a high percentage of gun owners.


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