Cannibal Thailand and Obama Kenya Update

by Thailand Lawyer on May 21, 2012

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

A British national, Hong Kong-born Chow Hok Kuen has been arrested at Bangkok airport with dead fetuses in his luggage. The fetuses were wrapped in gold leaf and were intended to be eaten by the man in a black magic ritual.

Thailand Black Magic was last in the news during the red shirt/yellow shirt showdown, where the Erawan Shrine near the World Trade Center played a prominent role in the political strife.

 Although Thai people generally consider themselves Buddhist, in regular culture, there are a number of animistic beliefs and customs in everyday life.  Spirit houses, which are miniature homes for local spirits, are ubiquitous in Thailand.

Black Magic, however, is  different  from normal Thai customs. Called Sayasat, black magic is practice widely in Thailand, and its adherence include rural working people as well as elite.

Despite the existence of Black Magic in Thailand, eating fetuses is not a normal activity.  Most Thai people’s idea of exotic food is KFC or Pizza Hut. 

Those Crazy Birthers are at it again! has revealed a promotional booklet published by Obama’s book publicist that stated Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The brochure continued to carry this “mischaracterization” from 1991 to 2007.

What will these crazy birthers think of next? Next thing you know state election officials from other states will be requesting Hawaii to confirm that Obama was born in Hawaii to place him on the presidential ballot…hey, wait a minute…Ken Bennett, the Arizona Secretary of State has requested that Hawaii produce a copy of Obama’s certified record or to confirm that Obama was born in Hawaii.

After a 2 month wait, Bennett, received a response that he must prove that his request is “legitimate”. Really, now, what business does the Chief Election Official of State attempting to verify candidates’ offical records?

These wild and crazy birthers, what will they think of next?

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