Sex on the Farm and Transgender in the City

by Thailand Lawyer on May 21, 2012

Made in the USA:  Sex on the Farm

If working as migrant farm worker wasn’t difficult, CBS news reports that female farm workers are also subject to sexual abuse according to Human Rights Watch.

The report from the Human Rights Watch calls for a repeal of laws that require local law enforcement to report Federal Immigration violations. US immigration lawyers explain that farm workers are less likely to report assaults due to fear of deportation.

Canadian Transgender Beauty in the News

 A transgender woman has been awarded the right to compete for Miss Universe Canada.

The blond beauty ignited a media firestorm after she was initially disqualified from the pageant because she isn’t a naturally born female. But pageant owner Donald Trump overruled the decision and said Talackova could take part, National Post reports.

Thailand has a separate pageant called Miss Universe Tiffany for Thai transgender beauties held annually in Pattaya. Apparently, Canada is a step ahead in political correctness by having a unified female and transgender contestant in a women’s beauty pageant.


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