Leveling the Playing Field: New Divorce and Transgender Rights Update

by Thailand Lawyer on May 15, 2012

Equal Opportunity Alimony

Male chauvinists may now have a reason to praise feminism. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Divorce courts mirror society as more women pay alimony, although there is a widespread belief that Family Courts in modern times are pro-woman and anti-male, any such gender discrimination is normally illegal. However, many males involved in Family Court feel aggrieved that the discrimination they feel is largely structural discrimination, that being indirect and subtle rather than direct and blatant. This new development may change some minds.

In Thailand Divorce Law, alimony is normally set by a pre-determined schedule used in calculation of the alimony amount. Currently, Thai Family law is gender neutral. This has not always been the case however. In the past there were separate standards for men and women in regard to what constitutes adultery for the purpose of grounds for divorce. The law previous version of law supported straying husbands with a more strict definition of what constitutes adultery. Another law stricken down in the name of quality is that Thai law requiring married women to adopt their husband’s surname.

Argentina Transgender Victory

Thailand can probably learn a few lessons from Argentina in terms of transgender rights. Although the Thailand’s transgender population is highly visible and its denizens numerous, Thailand still has no law recognizing their gender change. Argentina on the other hand, has recently passed a law that allows legal gender change without fully completing a gender operation. According to Fox News, transgender rights in Argentina have blazed forward after it granted people the right to change their legal and physical gender identity simply because they want to, without having to undergo judicial, psychiatric and medical procedures beforehand. The Argentina government also legalized gay marriage two years ago and marijuana has been decriminalized for some time. So if you’re a weed smoking transgender person, Argentina might be the place for you. You probably should learn Spanish first…

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