Celebrities Move to Protect Property Rights after Rogue One

by Admin on January 10, 2017

The movie saw the posthumous projection of a deceased actor


The screening of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” introduced us to the on screen projection of Grand Moff Tarkin, a character that was originally played by an actor who is now deceased.

Although virtual characters have been used in some movies after an actor’s death, Rogue One saw the first digital embodiment of a deceased actor.

According to Reuters, celebrities are now realizing the importance of how a character is portrayed in the afterlife, which has led to some of them moving to protect their intellectual property rights.

“Celebrities are increasingly involved in making plans to protect their intellectual property rights,” said Mark Roesler, chairman of CMG Worldwide, an agency representing celebrity estates to Reuters.  “They understand that their legacy will continue beyond their lifetime.”

At least 25 of Roesler’s clients are said to be negotiating the terms on how and if their loved ones’ images will be used in future movies and series.

Many are wondering if recently departed Carrie Fischer will make a posthumous appearance in the upcoming Star Wars movies, in which she was supposed to play a leading role.

Speaking to Benjamas Chaiwong, an intellectual property rights lawyer in Thailand, she was quick to point out the significance of protecting a celebrity’s rights. “Considering the importance of Carrie’s role in the Star Wars movies, it would be smart of her family and lawyers to discuss how her images are to be used and how it will affect her posthumous earnings,” she said.

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