Germany Seeks to Provide ‘Brothel Prescriptions’ to the Aged and Disabled

by Admin on January 10, 2017

The idea is to help those in need of sexual release


A German lawmaker has proposed a controversial bill that would require doctors to prescribe a trip to the brothels to provide sexual relief to the elderly and disabled reports TroFire.

The bill was brought forward by Green Party member Elizabeth Scharfenberg. She argued that most of the aged population in Germany as well as the disabled cannot obtain sexual relief by themselves and doctors should be allowed to provide prescriptions to brothels to help them.

Prostitution is largely legal in Germany with the existence of several red light districts. Scharfenberg hopes that the passing of the bill would allow these places to be used in a more therapeutic way.

Should the law pass, TroFire reports that “patients must display an inability to achieve sexual satisfaction through organic means before being prescribed a trip to the brothel.”

According to the report, Germany’s brothels are already providing therapeutic services to the elderly and disabled. However, this bill would allow for sexual services to be prescribed by doctors as medical services.

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Gabriel Brooke January 10, 2017 at 11:21

Pretty soon I’m going to have to use these “therapeutic services” as my fiancee is in Thailand and I am back in the US. Any suggestions on how i could get her visa to process quicker would be great.

ThailandMan January 10, 2017 at 11:25

Hey man that’s rough. But I suggest you hire a lawyer to get that worked out quick. I met my wife 4 years ago in Thailand and we processed her fiancee visa pretty quickly via a law firm. I’ll try to find the website and link it down below for ya. Good Luck!

Here you go. It was pretty easy to find. They speak english too so thats a plus. Chaninat & Leeds- Thailand International Attorneys

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