Germany to Pay Gays Convicted for Breaking Anti-Gay Law

by Admin on October 10, 2016

The anti-homosexuality law was established in 1871prison-553836_960_720

The German government is set to act on a measure to compensate gays who have been convicted of breaking an anti-homosexual law that was established in the 19th century according to Pink News.

The government has reportedly set aside 30 million Euros which is to be distributed to an estimated fifty thousand men who have been convicted of homosexuality.

Paragraph 175 was part of Germany’s criminal code until its repeal in 1994. Under this law, 140,000 men were incarcerated for sexual orientation and another 50,000 were prosecuted.

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Germany’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas said, “We will never be able to remove these outrages committed by this country but we want to rehabilitate the victims. The convicted homosexual men should no longer have to live with the black mark of a criminal conviction.”

The compensation is proportional to the amount of time spent under incarceration. According to Pink News, the government expects an initial five thousand claimants.

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