Chiang Mai Man Confronted by Police Over Alleged Bestiality Club

by Admin on November 7, 2018

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Thai police questioned a man in northern Thailand who allegedly runs a bestiality club.

Authorities were tipped off by Watchdog Thailand (WDT), an animal rights group, after the activists had concluded a yearlong investigation into the man and his bestiality club.

The evidence WDT gave Thai police was a video that seemed to show the man having sex with a dog.

According to WDT, the man charged 200 baht for people to join his Line chat group and watch videos of him and others having sex with dogs. And sometimes the man would offer members the ability to have intercourse with a dog themselves for a higher fee.

The Thai Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animals Act, passed in 2014, says that individuals found guilty of abusing animals may face up to two years in jail and a fine up to 40,000 baht.

“This pervert has been operating for a long time and has finally been caught. We hope the courts will show no leniency,” said the founder of the animal charity Soi Dog Foundation that funds WDT.

However, according to Thailand criminal lawyer Thakoon Chantararangsi, “animal cruelty is not a high priority for police and prosecutors in Thailand. There is a greater outrage for the hunting of tigers and other rare wildlife or say the serving of dog as a food dish in certain restaurants.”

Read the full story here.

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