Thai Cabinet Passes Amendment Allowing Former Female Convicts to Work at Massage Shops

by Admin on November 7, 2018

เมือง ฝูงชน Nikon ประเทศไทย กรุงเทพ d300 ประเทศไทย

The Thai government has amended the law to allow female convicts who trained as masseuses behind bars to work in massage shops immediately upon release.

Before the change, the 2016 Premises Used for Health Operation Act stated that ex-convicts were required to wait one year before being able to apply for a job in the health industry.

According to the government, the amendment will allow those who were recently in jail or prison to become productive members of society and offer them a decent living that could steer them away from future crime.

“Thailand currently has the highest female prison population rates worldwide so a change like this is welcome and would certainly help reduce the recidivism rates among women who were previously locked up,” said Thakoon Chantararangsi, an expert Thai attorney assisting foreigners in Thailand.

In Thailand, over 1,000 female prisoners are trained as masseuses each year.

“Discrimination [due to this law] will lead to ex-convicts finding their way back to prison,” said Naowarat Thanasrisudarat who has employed over 600 former convicts in her massage shops. “I can confirm that if former convicts have a job, they won’t re-offend.”

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