Chinese Court to Hear First-ever Transgender Discrimination Case

by Admin on December 9, 2019

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A court in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou will hear what is believed to be the first-ever workplace transgender discrimination case.

The transgender woman who brought the case states that she was discriminated against based on her gender identity.

China passed a law in 2018 that resolves disputes about equal employment.

Specifically, she is arguing that the cosplay company she worked for discriminated against her based on her”personality”, which under the same 2018 law is defined as lifestyle, physical appearance, and reputation.

Thailand’s Labour Protection Act (LPA) bans gender discrimination in the workplace, according to Thailand business lawyers.

The transgender woman left her company on unpaid leave last year to undergo sexual reassignment in Thailand.

She alleges that upon returning to her job, her employer told her she wasn’t suitable to meet with clients due to her “health condition”.

She was eventually fired for what the company stated as poor attendance.

The woman states that her gender was the real reason for her firing.

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