Taiwan Angered Over New Thailand Visa Requirements for their Citizens

by Admin on December 9, 2019

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A Taiwanese opposition has said that new Thailand visa requirements treat his homeland akin to a third world country.

The Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO) recently issued changes to the application process for Taiwanese citizens applying for a Thai tourist visa in Taipei.

The added requirement drawing the most flak is the need for Taiwanese citizens to prove that they have sufficient funds for their Thai holiday.

Specifically, Taiwanese citizens looking to obtain a Thai tourist visa will now have to show their bank statements from the past three months.

Also, Taiwanese citizens now must schedule an appointment online then show up and present their documents in person in the TTEO in Taipei.

Before, Taiwanese applicants could just show up without a prior appointment or without filling out an online application.

According to Bangkok immigration attorneys, the new requirements in Taiwan are part of a larger move by Thailand’s government to tighten up those who enter Thai legally but overstay their welcome.

Members of the opposition party are petitioning the Taiwanese government to register a formal complaint with the Thai government, citing that Thai citizens are allowed visa-free entry into Taiwan.

Taiwanese foreign affairs officials state that they have brought the issue up with Thai authorities and are seeking more information on why the stricter guidelines were issued.

The government said that the new changes don’t just apply to Taiwanese citizens, but nationals from all countries applying for a Thai tourist visa in Taipei.

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