Compensation For The Death Of A Migrant Workers Child

by Admin on June 26, 2013

A migrant worker in Thailand is to be compensated with 750,000 baht (approximately 24,000 USD or 15,500 GBP as at June 2013 exchange rate) after a Court has ruled that the Mae Sot Municipality was guilty for failing to maintain, monitor, and repair power grid system on public roads under its charge.

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World Independent News reveals that as a result, the worker’s daughter, Zalima, was electrocuted, it is thought from currents that leaked from three nearby electric poles, and as a result, was seriously injured and later died.

The compensation must be paid within 90 days.

This case is also important because it reaffirms that regardless of status, i.e. a migrant worker or a Thai citizen, everyone in Thailand is equally protected by law.

Read the full report here

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