Hot! Cambodia Mass Grave Discovery Brings Back Memories

Huffington Post | The past came hurtling back earlier this month when a new mass grave was discovered in this village in northwestern Cambodia, one of the bloodiest killing grounds in the country. Like most of Cambodia’s some 300 known mass grave clusters, it is not being investigated or exhumed to find out what happened.

More than three decades after the Khmer Rouge ultra-revolutionaries orchestrated the deaths of nearly 2 million people, or one out of every four Cambodians, this country has not laid its ghosts to rest. Cambodia’s regime prefers to literally bury the past, especially since some of its current leaders, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, were once Khmer Rouge.

Though this mass grave will be more in line with archaeologists, Cambodian attorneys are not unfamiliar with wrongful death cases. Cambodia’s tumultuous past has forced many people to seek justice from when they were wronged.

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