Controversy Over Amnesty International’s Prostitution Plans

by Admin on August 5, 2015

A controversial issue is making headlines this week, with lawmakers considering a new stance on prostitution, reports the Seattle Times.

Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis (Flickr)
Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis (Flickr)

This week, Dublin in Ireland will play host to about 500 Amnesty International delegates from over 80 countries, for an international conference to vote on whether to decriminalize sex work.

This comes in the wake of news that England, Ireland and France are considering following the Swedish model, which makes it legal for prostitutes to sell sex, but not for customers to buy. Those in favor of this model believe that this protects the women, and allows them to make a living this way should they so choose, but minimizes those who wish to exploit them. Canada and Norway have already followed Sweden’s lead and adopted this law.

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Human rights group Amnesty International are proposing a new course – decriminalizing prostitution both for those selling, and those buying. In a leaked 2014 document, it stated:

“Sexual desire and activity are a fundamental human need. To criminalize those who are unable or unwilling to fulfill that need through more traditionally recognized means and thus purchase sex, may amount to a violation of the right to privacy and undermine the rights to free expression and health.”

The group also argue that by punishing customers, prostitution will be pushed further underground, making the women workers more vulnerable.

Womens groups and celebrities such as actresses Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson have publicly opposed the move.

Julie Bindel, of Guardian UK says: ‘The gross mistreatment of women in this vile industry is clear to see. Why is it that Amnesty, supposed champion of the oppressed, fails to see this.’

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