Prostitution Bill in Spain to Clamp Down on Sex Crimes

by Admin on July 29, 2015

A new prostitution bill in Spain will see police in the capital city Madrid, fine anyone they find soliciting sex services. This is an attempt to ‘stamp out the world’s oldest profession’, writes TeleSurTV.

Image Credit: Tom Coates (Flickr)
Image Credit: Tom Coates (Flickr)


If caught courting services from sex workers, the client could receive a fine of between 600 – 30,000 euro (US$60 – $33,000).

This is part of the new Law of Citizen Security , which has been dubbed ‘Gag Law’ by its opponents due to a decrease in citizens rights of freedom of assembly. It aims to combat prostitution, particularly in areas frequented by minors such as schools and parks.

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The reform was announced on Friday by Concepcion Dancause, who referred to Article 36 of the Act. Dancause is a delegate from the Madrid government, and member of the rightwing ruling party. She explained that more police officials will be working in the parts of the city known for prostitution activities.

This is familiar. In 1999, Sweden was the first country to criminalize the buying of sex but not the selling. When the Swedish adopted this law there was some derision, but then Norway did the same thing in 2008, Iceland in 2009, and in 2014 Canada introduced it too.

This issue is complex, but ultimately the arguments for it are that they protect the women. It has also been pointed out that in countries such as the Netherlands, which decriminalized pimping and brothel keeping, there has been an increase in human trafficking and the women involved have suffered.

Those opposing the Swedish model say that it has increased the stigma on the female workers, and has made their lives much harder.

Learn more about Spain’s The Law of Citizen Security, which has caused nationwide riots, here and here.

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