Drivers Busted for Crossing Borders of Pro Pot States

by Admin on September 7, 2016

Legalization of marijuana in Colorado has given cops from neighboring states an excuse to flag down anyone and everyone who travels to and from the stateleaf-1300206_960_720

TechDirt reports that all roads in and out of Colorado have now become drug corridors that lead to unwarranted stops and seizures by police officers. An incident in which Nebraska police officers tried to pin drug charges on two Minnesotans who possessed $60,000 while on their way to Colorado failed to get a conviction because according to techdirt “it isn’t against the law to conspire to perform an act that is legal in another state. It’s illegal to buy or sell marijuana in both Minnesota and Nebraska, but not in Colorado, where the two were headed.”

In general, the police need reasonable suspicion of a crime to make a traffic stop according to thai based U.S criminal defense attorney Joe Leeds.

In a separate incident two Kansas police officers have been stripped of their immunity because the court deemed their unjustified act of detaining and searching a man, Peter Vasquez simply for being a resident of Colorado “wholly improper”.

The court added “it is time to abandon the pretense that state citizenship is a permissible basis upon which to justify the detention and search of out-of-state motorists, and time to stop the practice of detention of motorists for nothing more than an out-of-state license plate.

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