New Zealand Government may Cancel Grass Roots GMO Law

by Admin on September 7, 2016

New Zealand government reviews its GMO law after a high court ruling  in favor of local councils

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The New Zealand government is set to review a GMO law that the High Court had recently ruled in favor of local councils.

NBR reports that an Auckland High Court dismissed an appeal raised by the Federated Farmers ruling that councils have jurisdiction over the environmental impact of GMOs by regulating their use.

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Environmental Minister, Nick Smith in his statement said, “It does not make sense for local councils to duplicate the role of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in regulating the use of GMOs in New Zealand,”

He added that it was impractical for farmers to regulate GMOs due to their lack of expertise in the area.

NBR states that “Federated Farmers applauded Smith’s comments, with president William Rolleston saying regional authorities weren’t equipped to regulate the technology.”

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