Venezuela Legalizes Slavery

by Admin on September 7, 2016

A decree was set in Venezuela that enforces its citizens, both from the private as well as public sector to work in the fields due to Venezuela’s food shortage crisishands-in-chains

According to Amnesty International, the decree, which was officially published in July, establishes that people with physical capabilities and technical know-how will be made to work temporarily in production companies for a minimum of 60 days after which their contract will be renewed for another 60 days or they will be allowed to go back to their original jobs.

The new labor law has unsurprisingly sparked outrage with human rights organizations calling it forced labor or in one particular article “enslaving an entire nation.”

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Forced labor exists on a global scale with reports estimating that 12.3 million people are victims, a whopping 9.5 million hailing just from Asia and the Pacific region.

Thailand made news for forced labor not less than a year ago when Nestle, a major food company was sued for using fish in one of its products from a Thai supplier that uses slave labor. The Thai government has worked towards addressing the issue.

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