Divorcing UK Couples Lying to the Courts

by Admin on October 13, 2015

UK based family law organization Resolution has warned that thousands of divorcing couples are lying to the courts every year, due to divorce laws which pit people against each other.

As the Independent reports, Divorce law in England and Wales require adultery or unreasonable behavior accusations in order to have a divorce granted, or else they must prove they have been living separately for two years. This generally makes divorce a lengthy procedure in the UK.

Of the 118,000 divorces in the Britain, over half (57%) are based on unreasonable behavior accusations, however, more than 27% of these couples have admitted to lying, and saying that their claims seemed like the fastest route to their divorce being granted.

Divorce lawyer and chair of Resolution, Jo Edwards, says: “As our research findings show, the current system is causing couples to make false allegations in court in order to have their divorce finalised within a reasonable time. This charade needs to be ended.”

She continued: “The alternative, living for two years as a separated couple before divorce proceedings can be started, is financially and emotionally untenable for many people.”

In recent weeks we have also learned about a new divorce law in Maryland, which will make it easier for couples to divorce, providing they don’t have children. Existing Maryland law requires all couples to live separately for a year before they can file for divorce.

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Learn about UK divorce procedures here.

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