Man Ordered to pay $32,000 in Dog Alimony to Ex-Wife

by Admin on August 25, 2017

According to the New York Daily News, a woman has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband ordering him to pay $32,000 in alimony for their pet dog.

Sarah Bronilla married Joshua Rosen in 2006, and together, they bought an English Bulldog named Lola. When they divorced in 2012, Rosen agreed to pay $200 a month in ‘dogimony’, as well as covering half of any pet bills and the total cost of dog food.

However, he hasn’t kept up with his payments, and Bronilla has had to pay $12,000 for upkeep, $18,000 for food and $2,335 for health costs, without any help from her ex-husband.

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As a result, she filed a lawsuit against him with the Manhattan Supreme Court. Rosen has not been reached for comment.

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