Dog Owners to Be Punished for “Inhumane” Tethering

by Admin on April 20, 2017

Washington now joins 20 other states with similar laws

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law on Wednesday that will induce penalties on dog owners who tie up or “tether” their dogs in a way that could be deemed “inhumane”.

According to Komo News, the law “would make it illegal for a person to leave a dog tethered for a reckless period of time without providing him or her with adequate access to food, water and shelter.” Dogs must also be kept in safe and sanitary places with room to roam.

No penalties have been set up as of yet. The new statute would allow animal care and control officers to issue warnings or civil infractions for inhumane animal tethering.

Washington joins at least 20 other states that have enacted similar animal tethering protection laws.

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