England’s Top Divorce Payouts from Family Court Litigation

by Admin on February 7, 2018

A law firm that specializes in family court cases has composed a list of the highest paid divorce court settlements in England. The payouts range from 20-450 million pounds.

Housewife to billionaire businessman Farkhad Akhmedov, Tatiana Akhmedov, has topped the list with a payout of 453 million pounds. Among the payout includes a 90 million pound art collection. Second to top the list was the wife of financier Sir Chris Hohn. She won 337 million pounds, 36% of the overall assets.

Next was an ex-model, Christina Estrada who was awarded 75 million pounds from her partner, Saudi billionaire businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali. Pauline Chai, who was Miss Malaysia 1969, was awarded 64 million pounds after disputes concerning jurisdiction battles between England and Malaysia.

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