Extreme Surveillance Law Approved in the UK

by Admin on November 22, 2016

Critics have denounced it as the most far reaching of any Western democracy

streets-of-london-at-nightPhoto by Negative Space.

UK politicians have approved an extreme surveillance law that would allow intelligence agencies and police to maintain bulk surveillance over its citizens reports Al Jazeera.

The Investigatory Powers Bill will also require websites to maintain an archive of all users’ browsing information for up to a year and allow law enforcement to access information during investigations.

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden has called this the most “extreme surveillance in the history of the western democracy.”

The bill was introduced by British PM Theresa May and was subsequently passed by the House of Lords. Currently, it awaits the stamp of Queen Elizabeth, reigning monarch of the UK.

Human rights activists have called it a “sad day for British liberty.”

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