Tigers Cubs in Thailand Saved From Exotic Meat Trade

by Admin on February 24, 2014

Thai police have confirmed that they rescued five tiger cubs on Thursday 20 February 2014 that were heading to the Laos border, and thought to be on their way to China and Vietnam to be sold as delicacies reports The Nation.

The cubs, thought only to be a month old were rescued with other animals such as monitor lizards and turtles.

Over the last few months we have reported of cases where 100-200 cats were seized in the Nakon Phanom area on their way out of the country to allegedly be used in the Vietnam’s meat trade business and that at least 200,000 dogs are smuggled out of Thailand every year for alleged similar reasons.

According to Thailand Criminal  Attorneys  Chaninat and Leeds  abuse of animals is prohibited pursuant to section 381 of Thailand Criminal  which states, “any person who cruelly ill-treats or kills an animal which causes unnecessary suffering shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding one thousand baht, (or both)”.

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