Gay Divorces in Nevada Not Likely

by Admin on February 24, 2014

Some same-sex couples in Nevada are facing legal hurdles after getting married in other US states reports 8NewsNOW. Nevada currently does not recognize same-sex marriages, and therefore does not have laws that allow divorces of same-sex couples.

According to Thailand family attorneys  Chaninat & Leeds the issue of gay marriages often arises in the context of gay couples requiring US Fiancé Visas, and Spouses Visas in Thailand. Fiancé Visas’ to the US for gay couples is a real possibility according to Chaninat & Leeds. due to the  Supreme Court  overturning the DOMA  Although many US States still do not allow same–sex marriages, US citizens from State that do allow same-sex marriage may petition for fiance visas for their foreign gay partner.

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