France to Fight Sexual Abuse with New Laws

by Admin on October 17, 2017

French MP’s are to debate a new law to combat sexual harassment and abuse, the Guardian reports.

The proposed legislation came in response to a controversial case in which sexual intercourse between and 11-year old girl and a 28-year old man was ruled consensual and therefore legal. If enacted, it will set a clear age of consent for minor to avoid similar cases in the future.

The law will also extend the time period that child victims have to bring charges against their attackers.

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Marlène Schiappa, France’s equality minister, announced the bill, stating that society “has to redefine what it will accept and what it will not”. In a pre-debate consultation, she spoke about to possibility of giving police warnings for everyday forms of sexual harassment that are commonplace in the street, such as catcalling.

She also mentioned that the law will protect male victims of sexual violence.

“All sexually motivated violence must be taken into account, including male sexual violence against small boys and disabled people. On this, we have to address another taboo,” she said.

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