Full Marijuana Legalization Gaining Momentum in Thailand

by Admin on April 29, 2019

In Thailand, there are signs that the idea of full legalization for marijuana is gaining significant momentum.

For one, Thailand recently made medical cannabis legal countrywide.

Secondly, a recent three-day weed festival drew over 150,000 visitors in Buriram province.

Third, Bhumjaithai, a Thai political party with a foundational pro-legalization stance, was able to win 50 parliament seats in the new government, which would have been unthinkable in the past.

As the fifth largest party in the country, Bhumjaithai will have significant leverage in determining which party will lead the country in the next years, depending on who the weed party decides to coalesce with.

Despite all the recent weed wins in Thailand and the rising support for legalization in the polls, many Thais are still unaware of the specifics of the changes regarding medical marijuana.

According to Thailand drug lawyers, marijuana is still classified as a Category 5 narcotic, which carries heavy penalties.

Those wishing to possess or use medical marijuana should first secure a license from a doctor or other medical professional.

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