Gay Britons Can’t Divorce Over Same-Sex Cheating

by Admin on January 20, 2017

The divorce law has been branded as being homophobic


A British divorce law has been called out for being homophobic as it states that same sex cheating does not legally count as adultery and therefore cannot be used as grounds for divorce.

According to Broadly, homosexual couples are unable to get a divorce if one of the partners cheat as “It doesn’t count as adultery if [your partner] had sex with someone of the same sex. This includes if you’re in a same-sex marriage.”

The law has been criticized by the LGBT community with some calling it “homophobic” and a “blatant inequality in the law.”

According to the report, the anomaly was first spotted by India Latham, a queer production coordinator from London when a friend posted it on Facebook. Since then, Latham has set up an online petition to amend the law. The petition has garnered as many as 4650 signatures.

A government spokesperson has said, “UK law currently defines adultery as consensual sexual activity between members of the opposite sex who are not married to each other. However, if someone in a same sex marriage or civil partnership wanted a divorce or dissolution following infidelity, they could apply on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.”

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