Indiana Moves to Amend Property Seizure Law

by Admin on January 23, 2017

The amendment would allow the government to seize personal property

Animated-Flag-IndianaAnimated flag of Indiana by Dave Johnston

The Indianapolis Star reports that some Indiana lawmakers are proposing to reform laws that would allow the government to seize personal property in some cases.

The move is a way to rein in the widely used law enforcement practice of confiscating cars, money and other personal assets of criminal suspects, some of which may have been obtained legally.

According to the report, “State lawmakers have submitted eight bills this legislative session dedicated to reforming the state’s controversial civil forfeiture law, which is used to raise millions of dollars each year for local law enforcement agencies around the state.”

Critics of the current law believe that as it stands, the law leads to “policing for profits” and is unconstitutional as it abuses private property rights.

The proposed reforms range from allowing the seizure of property only after a person is convicted of a crime, to restricting the way proceeds from civil forfeitures are used.

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